Meet & Greet

Let’s start with a phone call. Tell me about the project you’re considering and I’ll give you some information on how I can help. Then we can book a time to meet to discuss the project in more detail. With this information, I’ll provide a quote for my services.

No charge

Questions & Answers Session

Are you considering a kitchen renovation but are unsure of what’s possible or how much to budget? Do you need some suggestions on how to furnish, repurpose or redecorate a room?
I’ll come to your house for up to 90 minutes and answer any design questions you have. This is a stand-alone event and you’ll come away with detailed guidance. Get your list ready!


Minimum charge $350

Kitchen Design/Cabinetry Design Services

I can help you to plan and budget your kitchen renovation. This process involves developing a layout and design concept, selecting specific products and finishes, and the nuts-and-bolts of designing the cabinetry. Cabinet drawings provided. This work will generate more accurate contractor bids and cabinetry quotes.
Need designs for cabinetry in other rooms as well? Family Room, Bathrooms, etc.


Quote provided after Meet & Greet.

Renovation Interior Design Services

Whether you have architectural drawings or we stand in your space together to discuss the changes you are making, I will guide you through the renovation process. This involves developing a programme and space planning; developing a design concept and a budget; selecting products and finishes; providing a specifications document and a set of interior design drawings. During construction, I plan for a few site meetings with the contractor to confirm details or deal with changes. We become a team: you, your contractor and me.
Ideally, we will start months before your contractor is ready to begin work so everything is ordered and on site when needed. A long lead time is important; the industry is still experiencing some long production times and supply chain issues.


Quote provided after Meet & Greet.

New Construction Interior Design Services

As soon as you have your architectural drawings, it’s a good idea to get started with a designer. We’ll review the preliminary layout together. Small changes, easy to make at this stage, can make a huge difference. We’ll develop a programme, design concept and, with your builder, a budget. From this foundation, fixtures and finishes will be selected. Interior design drawings and a specifications document will be created. During construction, I plan for a few site meetings with the contractor to confirm details or deal with changes. We become a team: you, your contractor and me.


Quote provided after Meet & Greet.

Cabinetry Only

Designers and Builders: Need Cabinetry?

In conjunction with Nickels Cabinets, I supply cabinetry to other interior designers and to builders for their projects. I have worked with Nickels Custom Cabinets for over 17 years. Through Nickels and other established supplier relationships, I offer products to meet a range of design and budget requirements. I love having these people on my team! And we want to be a part of your team.
From your design concept and materials specifications, I’ll prepare an estimate. To finalize the cabinetry, I can work with you or directly with your clients. We will work out the nuts-and-bolts details, provide material samples, do site measures, provide shop drawings, arrange for production, delivery and installation, including project management of the installation. All work is subject to your review and approval.
I’ve been specializing in cabinetry work with other designers since 2006. This is kept completely separate from the design work I do with my own clients.

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Diane was very professional and a pleasure to work with in our renovation of our main floor and update of our furniture. She took time to understand our decorating style and gave us excellent options. She provided invaluable experience on the process, and necessary timing for ordering appliances, furniture, cabinets and materials. She gave great attention to details and kept us…
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