About Diane

I’ve been doing residential interior design work, with a strong focus on cabinetry design, since 2006. I love the design work and creativity, and I really enjoy the people I meet and get to work with.

My Approach To Design

The design work I do with my clients is based on their style and preferences, and my design knowledge and experience. To begin, we talk about their dreams and goals, and together we create a vision for the project. Once we have that, my job is to make sure we reach that vision on budget. I become a team with my clients and the builder to make sure all the decisions to be made are pointing us in the right direction.

I love the work. I really enjoy and appreciate my clients and my other team members. I’m happy to work with my clients’ builders, but I also have a great group of builders/contractors, excellent cabinetry people and other suppliers that I work with regularly. We all become a team with the client when we begin a project together.

I’m very lucky to be surrounded by really good people!

Designing a home’s interior is a beautiful, functional, sensory 3D puzzle that gets resolved through the relationship between the client, the designer and the builder, and what each bring to the project.

About Diane

I started out somewhere else entirely: with a Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing, a year seeing the world, followed by some great marketing jobs. As interesting as those jobs were, I realized it just wasn’t the right fit for me. I returned to school to do a Masters of Architecture. I completed my degree, with an award for the second highest standing in my faculty, and am thankful for the knowledge and experience it gave me. However, while I was at school I realized that my passion was with interior design. After working for a local architect, and then having some time at home with babies, I started SunHouse Designs and have been happily doing residential interiors ever since.

I’ve loved design since I was a little kid. My dad was a pilot in the Canadian Air Force and we moved around a lot. Everywhere we lived my parents created a wonderful home for us — a beautiful and secure base for our family. I developed a strong respect for the concept of “home” and the importance it plays in our lives. Le Corbusier, an architect from the early 20th century, said that “the home should be the treasure chest of living”. I couldn’t agree more!


We highly recommend Diane! She not only had great design ideas but was able to educate us on the “how and why” of some design choices. She was friendly, punctual, and respectful of our budget. She also took the time to listen to us and come up with design ideas in keeping with our vision of a practical (yet beautiful) family home. Thanks, Diane!!

—Helga Klassen

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