What “Home” Means – Part 2

I moved around a lot as a kid.  We lived in 10 different places by the time I started university, including a year in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.  That was pretty cool.  I loved that no matter where we were my parents always made our house feel like our home.  Because of this experience growing up, I have a huge appreciation for that concept:  home.  I will always bring that respect to my work with my clients.

Here are some of the many facets of “home” to me:
Beauty/function, spatial, tactile, enclosing/open, public/private, interior/exterior, safe, gathering/alone, messy, joyful, heartfelt, noisy/quiet, busy/peaceful, friendly, caring, playful, loving, warm, tender, personal, façade, designerly, quirky, curated, light/dark, small/large, group/self, adult/child, opacity/transparency, masculine/feminine, colourful/neutral.

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