Sue G Tsawwassen

“With the purchase of our home, we had a large renovation to do which included both bathrooms, kitchen and all flooring. We had never done major renovations before so were really nervous about going ahead with it on our own and Diane was recommended to us. She was a delight to work with and soon understood who we were and what we were wanting to accomplish. Diane made us feel comfortable and helped us make our decisions on everything. Her excitement for our new kitchen was contagious and my fear soon turned to join her with the excitement. Diane was very up to date with the trends of today and informed me in a very gentle way that something that I was thinking of was from the 80’s and that I should maybe rethink that area. So glad she was bold enough to redirect me. We had picked a backsplash that was OK but not a wow look and Diane was able to come in one day with a new sample that gave us the wow we were wanting. I really appreciated her guiding us in the right direction. Diane was great at communicating every step of our renovations and everything came in on time. We also did not feel pressure from her to make any decisions; we were in the driver’s seat at all times.

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